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2020 nail trends list of summer

We are going to share another 5 beautiful nail designs of 2020’s summer. Find out if there is a style you prefer in this 2020 nail trends list.

Summer Grapefruit Jelly Nail Art

Summer Grapefruit Jelly Nail Art 1
Summer Grapefruit Jelly Nail Art 2
Summer Grapefruit Jelly Nail Art 3
Summer Grapefruit Jelly Nail Art 4

This set of nail design is cute and tender. The coloring scheme lets the nail be like grapefruit jelly, and I just want to have a bite with it. It’s so bright, and the gradual effect is super beautiful. Match with the cat eye gel, which makes a bling look. Add some shell fragments and gold foil, blending as needed.

Gentle Champagne Glitter Nail Design

The nail design of this nail art is quite simple but has a specific use of the champagne glitter nail powder and small decorations to get a chic style.

Haze Gray Marble Nail Style

The haze-gray nail polish has a grayish-blue tone, not a pure gray, don’t worry about applying it like onychomycosis, it’s charming and extraordinary color.

Taupe nail polish has a grayish-brown-green tone in the gray, which is a rare color. For the thumb and tail finger, paint the entire nail with this color, and then randomly paint the haze-gray on the fingertips. It has a mysterious feeling when these two colors match with each other, which is quite attractive and has an indescribable sense of luxury.

The use of the glitter gel with a tan undertone could be as the gold foil, which is just right with these two main colors. It could be used as ornaments, added on single-color nails.

Thumb and tail finger: paint the entire nail with the taupe nail polish, then apply a little haze-gray on the fingertips. Randomly add some glitter gel and small rivets for decoration.

Middle finger: apply two layers of haze-gray nail polish, then add a metal strip and shell pieces for decoration.

Index finger: 3 layers of translucent white as the base, then use a primer to add haze-gray and taupe to smudge the color on the nail surface. Remember to leave some white spaces. Overlap again if the color is not apparent enough. Diagonally draw a line with glitter gel, then add a little shell gold leaf to embellish.

Ring finger: Build a primer with transparent white nail polish, smudge two primary colors on the nail surface on demand, then put under the UV nail light for 1 minute. Use a thin acrylic paintbrush to draw a precise outline of the haze-gray after lighting. Overlay the white acrylic color to create the marble pattern, then add glitter gel for decoration.

Summer Fairy Smudge Manicure

This summer fairy nail art is an easy one. Apply jelly pink and purple nail polish as the base color on your nails. Add some hologram glitter powder on the ring fingers and middle fingers.

2020 Nail Trends of Chic Milky Nail Art

Chic Look Milky Nail Art 1
Chic Look Milky Nail Art 2
Chic Look Milky Nail Art 3
Chic Look Milky Nail Art 4
Chic Look Milky Nail Art 5
Chic Look Milky Nail Art 6

This manicure is quite impressive, and I can’t help staring at it. Use the pure white gel as a primary color. Draw the feeling of liquid flow, then add some gold foil and blue shell pieces on the transparent nails.

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