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Cosmetics Awards of 2017, Check Your Must Buys

2017 japan cosme ranking featured image

01 Grand Prize

This is one of the best known of all awards and is the annual total list of the beauty products. It represents the most favorite products of Japanese consumers in that year.

  • No.1 Opera Lip Tint

Opera Lip Tint - 2017 cosmetics awards

This lipstick is very moisturizing, apply it all day without feeling dry on your lips. The lip paste looks glossy and has a high content of cosmetic ingredients inside, it really a bit like lip balm. I mainly recommonde #4 Orange which is perfect for winter, the color will be a little faded after 8 hours, similar to the kind of tint. That’s the reason its name came of.

  • No.2 Addiction The Eye Shadow

Addiction The Eye Shadow - 2017 cosmetics awards

The designer of Addiction used to be the creative director of NARS, that is why the product design of it is similar to NARS. Addiction eyeshadow is divided into M, P, ME, S series base on their texture which including matte, silk, pearl, metal and much more. Now it has 99 colors and is still constantly made new colors every year.

  •  No.3 Naturie Skin Conditioner

Naturie Skin Conditioner - 2017 cosmetics awards

This should be a product that every beauty blogger has. It has be awarded every year of cosmetics awards as the experience of use is good and has a nice price. You could use it as a water mask or put it in a spray bottle as a makeup setting spray. The price of this eyeshadow on Amazon is around $14 for 500ml, including free shipping. It it also a 4.5 star review product which means it worth buying.

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