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Cosmetics Awards of 2017, Check Your Must Buys

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  • No.6 APAGARD Premio

APAGARD Premio - 2017 cosmetics awards

This is the first nanohydroxyapatite remineralizing toothpaste, and my teeth were observably brighter after only one use.  I have been brushing with Apagard Premio for a few months now and my teeth look like they have been professionally whitened.  It’s also helped the sensitivity in my teeth which I would absolutely recommend Apagard Premio toothpaste to everyone.

  • No.7 SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Dramatic Powdery UV

SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Dramatic Powdery UV - 2017 cosmetics awards

This Powder formulated with an ingredient that enhances the adhesion of foundation along with the sebum secretion, it keeps the skin look beautiful for a long time without visible pores or wrinkling. It comes with a newly developed soft-fit sponge which material containing a large amount of air (air bubble) than ever is developed. It can hold the powder gently and glide over the skin more comfortably.

  • No.8 Deonatulle Sara Sara Cream for Feet

Deonatulle Sara Sara Cream for Feet - 2017 cosmetics awards

It is a good product for those who has sweaty feet. This fragrance and dye-free foot deodorant is based on the alum stone, a natural deodorant ingredient. It controlls sweat by tightening the pores, preventing odor with an anti-bacterial effect. It includes sweat-absorbing powder and a tea tree extracts as well. Long lasting, preventing irritating foot odor, humidity, and discomfort caused by sweat. It has a 5.0 out of 5 stars on which means it really works perfectly.

  • No.9 SK-II Atmosphere CC Cream

SK-II Atmosphere CC Cream - 2017 cosmetics awards

This product is an advanced multi-purpose CC cream which featuring a lightweight texture that could easily glides onto skin for breathable coverage. It also contains iridescent micro pearl colors that add an instant surface glow to skin. Illuminating skin with infused PITERA™.

  • No.10 LANCÔME Advanced Génifique

LANCÔME Advanced Génifique - 2017 cosmetics awards

I don’t actually expect this product could go into the “Hall of Fame” as the active ingredients is the same with the Estée Lauder advanced night repair. The product description says that it is a high-performance anti-aging face serum that helps enhance genes’ activity and promote the production of youth proteins and visibly reduces the appearance of creases and fine lines.

  • No.11 CHANEL Joues Contraste

CHANEL Joues Contraste - 2017 cosmetics awards

This Joues Contraste features “baked powder” technology – a manufacturing process exclusive to Chanel that results in a particularly soft, fine texture. It comes with a soft, silky powder blush that enhances the complexion with a touch of colour and radiance. I have not used this product as NARS is my favorite. Maybe I will give it a try as it is in the Hall of Fame of the Cosmetics Awards.

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