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Cosmetics Awards of 2017, Check Your Must Buys

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03 Year End Best New Buys

This award comes every half a year, focusing on the new products in market.

  1. Makeup – Dior Addict Lip Tattoo
  2. Base Makeup – Dior Diorskin forever extreme control
  3. Skin Care – Flow Fushi Lip38°C Lip Treatment
  4. Hair Care – LUX Botanifique By LUX Premium Damage Repair Shampoo/Treatment
  5. Body Care – NIVEA Marshmallow Care Body Mousse Silky Flower
  6. Kit & Set – Clé de Peau Beauté Coffret de Couleurs
  7. Fragrance – Chanel Eau de Parfum Vaporisateur
  8. Household Supplies – Flair Frangrance IROKA Refresh Mist Airy

04 Category Award

As the name suggests, this award is divied according to different categories. There are a total of 58 categories awards in 2017 – skin care, makeup, body care, lifestyle and almost everything, however not all of them worth buying. Let’s just focus on the first ranking products of each Skin Care Category.

  • Cleansing – Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil Aroma Type

Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil Aroma Type - 2017 cosmetics awards

As cosme has a lot of student users, the selected products is usually cost-effective just like this skin cleanse oil. Attenir is a product line of Fancl and it has won the first in cleansing oil of 2016 Cosmetics Awards. This oil made with 4 luxurious beauty oils. Not only removes makeup, it provides anti-aging benefits as well. The water catch oil formula can be used with dry or wet hands, quickly emulsifying to rinse off clean.

  • Face Wash – Transino Clear Wash

Transino Clear Wash - 2017 cosmetics awards


About a half ingredients is composed of moisturizing cream to get a soft and well moisturized skin after washing.

  • Serum & Booster – Albion Eclafutur

Albion Eclafutur - 2017 cosmetics awards

Among all the skin care products, various serum is what I have tried the most. It has also been the highest R&D cost of each brand. This albion eclafutur is very popurlar when it came out, the unique penetration technology sends micro nutrient ingredients to essential parts of the skin, resulting in high skincare efficacy.

  • Moisturizer – Albion Exage white pure white milk II

Albion Exage white pure white milk II - 2017 cosmetics awards

I haven’t exprect that moisturizer No.1 is also Albion. This products formulated with whitening ingredients, it also instantly makes the outer layer of the skin pale which brings crystal clear, pure white skin.
With a comforting, gentle rich formula, this lotion helps the skin to hold rich moisture for smooth and fine-textured skin.

  • Face Cream and All in One – Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel

Naturie Skin Conditioning Gel - 2017 cosmetics awards

I mainly use this water base gel as body lotion. It has a micro gel layer formulated with coix seed extract which protects moisture within, leaving your skin soft and supple all day. The non-sticky texture is very suitable for summer.

  • Sunscreen – Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen aqua booster

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen aqua booster - 2017 cosmetics awards

No doubt this long-lasting waterproof product is the first ranking of sunscreen, almost anyone has it.  If you are in a hot and humid place where you are sweating then this is for you. Unlike most Asian sunblocks this Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen does not have alcohol. It disappears into the skin and leaves skin smooth and comfortable.

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