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Nail Designs 2020 – Editor’s Pick

Here we are again to introduce you to another five well-conceived nail designs in 2020, late summer. This editor’s pick nail designs list contains nail styles suits both short and long nails in different shapes. We hope there would be a style you like.

Cute Snoopy Short Nail Design

This Snoopy comic nail design is quite cute for short nails. Different from the traditional way, the designer only draws the characters’ facial features instead of the whole head. This kind of abstract technique could complete the entire work with a particular space of imagination.

Fancy Star Nail Art

This star nail art is a simple but not monotonous one, by adding only one specific design on each hand. Excluding the stars drawn on both hands, the remaining two-finger decorative stickers could be whatever you choose.

Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design

Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 1
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 2
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 3
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 4
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 5
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 6
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 7
Gorgeous Embossed Nail Design 8

By drawing reliefs by using nail gel on top of the single-color background, this ballerina shape nail design makes a pretty gorgeous look. It looks like a complicated one, but it’s actually quite simple. Choose some small beads for nails and using acrylic nail gel to set them. Don’t forget to mix the acrylic nail gel with some golden glitter powder.

French Style Striped Manicure

The milky white French-style plus the blue-purple striped line creates a cooling sensation, which is perfect for this summer. The design of this nail is charming and has a fantastic set of colors. It is a style that would not be outdated all year round.

Milky White X Gold Foil Simple Style

This nail style is quite simple, using single milky white color and transparent nails with gold foil only. It is suitable for a variety of outfits. Doing this nail style is quite fast as it only needs a few steps, which saves time.

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