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25+ Easily Done Winter and Christmas Nail Art Designs

NAILS WITH RHINESTONES/[email protected]

If you’re going to have rhinestones and other embellishments on your nails, make sure you carry a spare tube of glue in your bag at all times.
It’s going to be just your luck that you’ll lose a stone right at that crucial moment. At least if you have nail glue in your pocket or bag, you can pick it up and put it right back on again. Nail glue is quite a handy thing to have in your bag.

Products used: Essie in Pure Pearlffection, white base and rhinestones.

FESTIVE DESIGN/[email protected]

This festive design is brilliant, and it encompasses a couple of different designs, which gives you even more opportunity to play around. You could recreate the entire look, or just pick one nail and focus on that.

Which out of this lot is your favorite? We like the red Christmas jumper style nail in this design, but we’re in love with the whole lot!

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