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25+ Easily Done Winter and Christmas Nail Art Designs

CHRISTMAS BAUBLES/[email protected]

What about Christmas baubles if the Christmas tree or Rudolph didn’t light up your life?

These are easy to do too – it’s just a circle to start with, some glitter to make it sparkle, and then some greenery to make it look as if they’re hanging from a Christmas tree.

GREEN, GOLD AND RED/[email protected]

It shouldn’t take you long, and it’s a look that no one else will have. So why not?

Green, gold, and red have been associated with Christmas for many years. The red is said to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, and the gold color is show luxury and wealth. Green is the color of the earth and everything living and natural.

All that aside, of course, the three colors look perfect together. And they look Christmas-like, so they’re good enough for us!

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