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25+ Easily Done Winter and Christmas Nail Art Designs


You might not have thought about using pink glitter in your easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, but we think it goes well with this light silver/white hue.

It’s still a Christmassy look, especially with that pretty pink Christmas tree, but it’s not too Christmassy. Perfect for those who don’t dig the red, green, and gold theme.

CUTE WINTER NAILS/[email protected]

We love the idea of this – it’s like a winter sweater on your nails. And because it’s only on the one featured nail, you can quickly nail it! (See what we did there?)

Again, if the hand-painting of this brings you out in a cold sweat, cheat it with nail wraps, or consider using nail stamps instead. You can get a wide range of designs, meaning there’s no limit to the crazy creations you could find.

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