Are you concerned about choosing a manicure, whether it is long or short? Let’s take a look at a series of 2020 summer nails art we collected and selected.

Summer Lively Rainbow Short Nail Art

This translucent manicure is suitable for any skin tone. You could put rainbows on any two of your one-hand fingers, and dotted one with a golden star. We could use other nails as a background to match some small patterns, such as jelly beans, an omelet, or a little heart. Anything tiny cute can work; just pick the one you love.

In this way, you could get unique nail art this summer.

Cool Emerald 2020 Summer Nails Art

People who like simple style can try this solid color nail art, the emerald of the fresh color is very contrasting. It looks great, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The advantage of solid color nail art is that it is speedy and convenient to do.

Colorful Translucent Mosaic Nail Art

Translucent rainbow nail art is really popular this summer, so choosing a mosaic pattern will make it more attractive. Any bright warm colors can try to mix to make a unique nail art.

Translucent Creamy Heart Nail Art

Translucent Cream Heart Nail Art

This one is my favorite. The translucent creamy background makes fingers look more delicate and soft, and the heart-shaped pattern at the base of the nail makes the entire nail art not dull.

Nude Golden French Manicure

This metal punk manicure is perfect for cool girls. It is hard to believe that French manicure for romance can also be chill. Don’t hesitate and give it a try.

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