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Summer Nail Ideas in 2020

We want to share another five elegant summer nail ideas today and we hope there would be a style you like. Our blog has plenty of articles sharing different nail ideas if you couldn’t find a favorite one on this list.

Avocado Green Summer Nail Ideas

This is quite a simple design for those who love fresh wooden theme styles. Avacado green is still a popular pick in 2020. We will be using this green color and a faded green to create the base of this nail design, and the ring finger is base on a transparent gel. After applying the base color, draw a golden line on the top edge of other nails except for the ring finger. Decorate the ring finger with shell pieces and gold leaves. Don’t forget to brush a coating for each fingernail.

Light Color Boho Summer Nail Art

A graceful boho nail art here to share with you. Using a nude color as the base and draw boho styles white lines and dots on your nails. Remember to be axisymmetric. If you want some details on how to draw the boho style nails, you could check our videos on Pinterest.

Elegant Egyptian Style Nail Design

This a simple Egyptian style nail design that just uses two colors to bring out an elegant look of the nails. Pick a nude gel, better to be a brown base one, and apply it to your nails. Then draw the golden lines and waves on top of each nail. That’s it, simple, and elegant Egyptian style nails now on your hand.

Boho Tiffany Blue And White Nail Designs

Another nail art based on a boho style and tiffany blue here to be share. Those two are factors trending of nail designs this year. We use a white color to match the blue. Draw golden lines and dots on the nails, and you could draw based on your preference.

Charming Shell Summer Nail Art

A nail design regarding the gray and creamy white color: apply translucent cream white on three of your nails in one hand. Another two fingernails use two light gray colors to make a gradient look. Add some shell pieces and gold leaves on the translucent white nails, and draw a golden line around the edge of the middle finger. There you go, charming-look summer nails.

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