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The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care

Every time i ask some of my friends to do nail care, they always be like: Will it affect the self protection of the nails?

Let’s make it clear first: Nail Caring and Manicure are complete two different things. Nail Caring is to protect your natural nails in a healthy way.

So, whether you prefer manicure or natural nails, it is important to get fundamental care for your nails.

We have picked this ultimate guide of nail caring for you:

Nail Care History

The history of the manicure began thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. It has adapted and evolved to the shapes, colors, and styles that we know today.

The very first form of nail care and manicures ever recorded was around 5000 – 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt where women used to dip their nails into henna. These dyed nails were seen as a status symbol and a show of wealth and style considered to have great sex appeal.

Moving forward a while to China’s Chou Dynasty around 600BC and both noblemen and women were known to sparkle gold and silver on their nails.

As we move into more modern times within the last century, we can see the modern manicure as we know it today start to emerge. Around the early 1900s, women had started to experiment with colors, piercings, and other nail art, matching their outfits to their nails and using them as a way to show off their personal style to the world.

In 1955, the fake nail was inadvertently invented by a dentist and his brother as they were trying to fix a broken fingernail with acrylic. From here on out, celebrities and everyday people alike were seen with dramatic, bold, and long nails, which has only continued to evolve with the changes in fashion.

The rise of the nail salon really began to take off in the 1990s, as women were happy to pay money to have their nails professionally done and receive pedicures and manicures regularly.

In the last 10 years or so, though, the range of home nail care products has exploded and there seems to be a trend now towards caring for your own nails to make the practice more personalized, safe, and affordable.

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