Room decoration ideas have always been a big deal for us. As long as we need to live and relax, there is a place called home. Everyone wants to have an ideal home. When we were young, we lived with our parents, and the decoration ideas are their preference. After we grow up, most of us move out to have our new home. The first important thing I assume is room decorations to implement our imagination. Each imagination has its reference, here we introduce some room ideas that may help you.

Simple Style Bright Room Ideas

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This 1400ft² apartment room is spacious and comfortable, with a bright tone on decorations.

The entrance floor and ceiling shape are both circles, with the rustic strip bricks pave the end of it. Embellish it with vine plants to make a closer feeling to nature. The retro cabinet by the aisle with many abrasions and scratches makes the room decoration full of natural traces. You could find a similar one in the flea market.

The leather sofa in the living room has a light green color, which is more lively than the tones like black, white, or gray. It would make the whole room vibrant and bright.

The decoration of the dining room is fresh and elegant. It would be very comfortable dining on the vintage leather chairs, might as well make you a pleasant mood.

The bedroom design is a mixation of French and American style. The choice of lamps and curtains should also fit the overall style. The guest room is a little simpler, which mainly uses is for friends to stay over.

Use multicolored bricks in the bathroom to make a vivid appearance, which gives you a delightful sentiment while bathing.

Warm Sunlight Retro Room Design

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If you have rooms with excellent lighting conditions, you could try to remodel it with this room decoration ideas. Interaction with the sunlight would make a warmer atmosphere in the room. Sunlight is the most beautiful filter. I like the feeling of light and shadow when opening the blinds. The shading effect is also pleasant while closing them. The softness is not dazzling with the taupe cashmere yarn when the sun shines in.

Decorate with pumpkin-colored blankets, table lamps, medieval beds, and small side cabinets. The overall layout of the room is a fresh and retro style with healing feelings. The color of the ceiling is the beige, and the soft creamy color is for the wall. Try to hang the chandelier lower at the end of the bed, which is generally stillness and safe.

Every corner of the room is full of sunshine, and it would bring you a lot more happiness to spend your lazy day here.

Pink and Light Gray Retro Bedroom

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The color scheme of a room determines the atmosphere of the entire space. If you want a retro French style without looking greasy, try to paint the wall with a stitching color of pink light gray. The wall is covered with fiberglass to prevent cracking.

The unique plaid of houndstooth makes the room elegant and imposing, which is the right choice for creating a perfect retro space. It is said that the welsh grid derives the houndstooth element.

The utilization of glass lights could make light source dim and poetic. With the lamps hanging on the wall, you could save part of the bedside table space.

The atypical but straightforward bedside table has a unique style, with an arched rattan, which enhances the visual art of the bedside.

As the bedroom color already has the primary tone, the large-area color blocks such as beddings should not be too eye-catching. Light colors or pure white is a great choice. The velvet on the quilt cover is quite comfortable, which gives a sense of serenity.

Pick a suitable decorative painting for balancing the color transit on the wall.

There are a single houndstooth couch and a small round table on the balcony. It is quite cozy to read and drink tea on it.

Want some more?

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