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2020 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

2020 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

In 2020 the styles of bathroom interior design are mainly in marble, light grey, or beige tones. Decoration styles vary in different bathroom sizes, and the main issues that most people care about are how to maximize the use of limited spaces as well as the decorations. Here we share several different bathroom interior design ideas, hope that these ideas can be a reference for everyone’s planning and decorations.

Marble White Bathroom Interior Design

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Above is a 43ft² small bathroom design idea. Even though the space is insufficient, but it contains everything needed in the bathroom.

  • The showerhead we recommend is wall-mounted, which is less space-consuming and looks pretty.
  • The hand-washing table has a full surface, and we can place a laundry basket or a storage basket under it.
  • A corner cabinet at the corner of the countertop to make a vertical storage space.
  • The tiles used on the floor of the dry area are bright and beautiful, making the whole bathroom more lively.
  • The tiles in the wet area are mosaic tiles in contrast to the dry zone.

We separate the dry and wet zones visually to improve aesthetics. At the same time, the anti-slip performance of these two tiles is still outstanding.

As long as the storage arrangement is appropriate, the design of the corner cabinet in the bathroom can make the bathroom as a whole exceptional.

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