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Chinese Trending Summer Nails 2020

Holographic Shiny Laser Nail Art 1

The creativity of summer nails art is always endless. In this case, we would like to share with you another five different styles of nail art, which are now trending in China.

Y2k Aurora Summer Nails

This manicure with two colors of pink and blue is full of y2k style. The hand with the blue manicure using gray as the base then painted with aurora blue or blue sequins. Dirty pink as the base for the other hand, then apply Aurora pink or pink sequins. Both ring fingers have an epoxy resin bear on top.

Jelly Grape Short Summer Nails Art

This manicure is reminiscent of the sweet and juicy grapes. The transparent jelly color plus gold leaf and shell fragments could exude an elegant temperament.

Holographic Shiny Laser Nail Art

This temperament nude nail using transparent foils paper to decorate has a plain but thoughtful look. Use two layers of creamy polish as the base color, then put holographic foils paper on top of your nails.

Dark Blue Cosmic Manicure

Cool girls are going to love this one! Matte blue as the base color, then brush pink holographic nail powder on top of your nails. Looks excellent for long nails.

Nude + Gold Glitter Manicure

The nude color base plus the gold glitter is beautiful and uncomplicated. This nail art could match any outfit you wear. If you don’t want to maintain a style for a while, you could try this one.

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