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Summer Nails Arts 2020 Recommendations List

Aurora Pink Mermaid Nails Art 1

Here we are again, to discover thousands of summer nails arts in 2020. I have picked six nail styles for your reference, and I hope there could be the one you like.

Transparent Gradient Nude with Aurora Nails Art

The aurora nails apply transparent creamy white as the base color for three layers, then add aurora pink nail powders to make it holographic. The other nails, choose a nude color you like, along with transparent to make it gradient. You could also try to put a glittering silver line on the edge of your nails.

2020 Aurora Pink Mermaid Summer Nails Art

The nails shape is ballerina, which is a perfect choice for this aurora pink mermaid nails. We choose the light purple as the setting color, then brush holographic pink nail powder on top of it to make it complete. If you have longer nails, you could use acrylic to reinforce them from breaking.

Gradient Nude Mirror French Manicure

Creative Merimaid Nude Gradient Manicure
Creative Merimaid Nude Gradient Summer Nails Arts

Reverting the french manicure sometimes could be creative, just like this one. Choose a matte nude color and a holo nail powder to make it gradient, which could be not only fashionable but also innovative.

Aurora Luxury Brand Nails Art

This nail art is simple and chic. Using holographic light pink as the base color, then put some luxury brand nail stickers. You could choose any brand you love to make unique nail art. If we could not afford it, at least we could draw it.

Monochrome Snake Nails Design

The monochrome is an enduring art. Some people treat snakes as a symbol of the mysterious. We here combine those two ideas and make this monochrome snake nails art. Simply apply black nail polish on one hand and white on another. Cut the snake decal into four parts and put each on your four fingers to make it coherent as one. Choose another sticker you like, here we use a flower, to apply it on your thumbs.

Blackpink Lisa Summer Nails Arts 2020

On 6/26/2020, Blackpink released their new single ‘How you like that’ music video. I am a big fan of them, and Lisa has revealed an original nail art on their new song. Here is a copy style of her nails design on the poster. The method is straightforward, matte light purple as the setting color, then draw three white lines on the edge of your nails. You could try any matte color as the base to be more creative.

This summer is indeed a popular period for aurora nails arts. If you want to have more choices for your nails design, we have some more recommendations, might as well take a look.

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Summer Nails 2020 Incredible Collection

Trending Aurora Pink Manicure 3

Summer Nails in 2020 is trending in different styles. Here we share another five carefully chosen nails designs, especially the most trending aurora ones. I hope that there would be the one you like.

Marble Wave Glitter Summer Nails

Textured nail design with a marble pattern and a golden border line around it. It looks like glancing at the sea waves by the beach through the aircraft window. Those two fingers with glitters apply with white grey and brown nail polish as the base color.

Y2k Gradient Glitter Nails Art

The design of nail art is pretty uncomplicated but creative. Using a gradient of transparent color and glitters as the base, then irregularly place some bigger sequins on the top half of your nails. Fluorescent green sequins are the key to obtain the y2k style.

Trending Summer Nails 2020 – Aurora Pink Manicure

Aurora nails art is trending this summer, and pink is the most picked color for it. You could apply one thin layer of light grey or other light colors as the base, then brush with pink mirror nail powder. Feel free to try any color you like to create your aurora nail style.

Two-tone French Manicure

This pretty and cute French manicure has yellow and orange colors as a two-tone design other than the traditional one. Apply an inverted triangle to your fingertips using orange polish, then overlay it with yellow to complete a chic French manicure. Adding a small pearl would look less monotonous.

Aurora Pink Glossy Nails

Another example of aurora nails, this one looks glossy. If you prefer glossy one rather than the transparent one, just brush more mirror nail powder will do the work.

This summer is indeed a popular period for aurora nails arts. If you want to have more choices for your nails design, we have some more recommendations, might as well take a look.

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Special Picked 2020 Summer Nails


Are you concerned about choosing a manicure, whether it is long or short? Let’s take a look at a series of 2020 summer nails art we collected and selected.

Summer Lively Rainbow Short Nail Art

This translucent manicure is suitable for any skin tone. You could put rainbows on any two of your one-hand fingers, and dotted one with a golden star. We could use other nails as a background to match some small patterns, such as jelly beans, an omelet, or a little heart. Anything tiny cute can work; just pick the one you love.

In this way, you could get unique nail art this summer.

Cool Emerald 2020 Summer Nails Art

People who like simple style can try this solid color nail art, the emerald of the fresh color is very contrasting. It looks great, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The advantage of solid color nail art is that it is speedy and convenient to do.

Colorful Translucent Mosaic Nail Art

Translucent rainbow nail art is really popular this summer, so choosing a mosaic pattern will make it more attractive. Any bright warm colors can try to mix to make a unique nail art.

Translucent Creamy Heart Nail Art

Translucent Cream Heart Nail Art

This one is my favorite. The translucent creamy background makes fingers look more delicate and soft, and the heart-shaped pattern at the base of the nail makes the entire nail art not dull.

Nude Golden French Manicure

This metal punk manicure is perfect for cool girls. It is hard to believe that French manicure for romance can also be chill. Don’t hesitate and give it a try.

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Gel Nails Guide for Beginners

Gel Nails Guide for Beginners

Traditional nail polishes are prone to chipping within a few days, often due to more oil production on the nail bed, which prevents the shine from adhering for a prolonged duration. Doing your own gel nails can seem intimidating, but it is SUPER easy and rewarding because of all the time and money you save. Gel polish is the latest trend for those struggling with long-wearing nail polish. Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish is a thinner formula and more flexible than standard acrylic enhancements, so it will not chip easily from your nails. This gel nails guide includes instructions, tips, and FAQs. Leave a comment if you still have questions.

Tools for Doing Gel Nails

  1. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. Cotton Pads or Lint Free Wipes
  3. UV Lamp or LED Lamp
  4. Gel/Shellac Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat

DIY Steps for Gel Nails

  1. Begin with clean and trimmed nails. Use cuticle oil to remove any excess skin lying on the nail plate. You can also push the skin back with an orangewood stick for a smooth surface. A nail file will shape the nails to your desired length to get your nails ready for the gel polish. Then remove excess oil and residue with a cotton ball dampened with acetone.
  2. Apply a cuticle remover on your skin and then push back each cuticle with a metal or wood cuticle pusher. If you have tough ones, you can soak them in warm water to soften them for one to two minutes before you push back your cuticles.
  3. A base coat is essential to protect your natural nails from damage. Apply a skinny layer of the base gel to the nails, avoid applying the base gel polish close to your cuticle. Place your nails under a UV or LED lamp. The LED light will cure the gel polish in just 30 seconds, or 2 minutes with a UV lamp.
  4. Apply a skinny coat of gel polish color. Remember to use the thinnest layers step by step to prevent the gel polish from lifting off the nail. Cure your fingernail under the UV or LED lamp.
  5. Apply one coat evenly and cure for the prescribed time (typically 90 seconds-2 minutes). I like to layer on and cure a second coat to make the color bolder, especially if I’m working with a sheer polish.
  6. Finish with a thin layer of topcoat for a glossy look and cure it under the UV or LED lamp. This coat is a critical step and is crucial in creating a long-lasting manicure. Apply a thin and even layer, then cure for the prescribed time limit.
  7. Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Now you will get a dry, smooth, and shiny pretty gel nails.
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The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care

The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care

Every time i ask some of my friends to do nail care, they always be like: Will it affect the self protection of the nails?

Let’s make it clear first: Nail Caring and Manicure are complete two different things. Nail Caring is to protect your natural nails in a healthy way.

So, whether you prefer manicure or natural nails, it is important to get fundamental care for your nails.

We have picked this ultimate guide of nail caring for you:

Nail Care History

The history of the manicure began thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. It has adapted and evolved to the shapes, colors, and styles that we know today.

The very first form of nail care and manicures ever recorded was around 5000 – 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt where women used to dip their nails into henna. These dyed nails were seen as a status symbol and a show of wealth and style considered to have great sex appeal.

Moving forward a while to China’s Chou Dynasty around 600BC and both noblemen and women were known to sparkle gold and silver on their nails.

As we move into more modern times within the last century, we can see the modern manicure as we know it today start to emerge. Around the early 1900s, women had started to experiment with colors, piercings, and other nail art, matching their outfits to their nails and using them as a way to show off their personal style to the world.

In 1955, the fake nail was inadvertently invented by a dentist and his brother as they were trying to fix a broken fingernail with acrylic. From here on out, celebrities and everyday people alike were seen with dramatic, bold, and long nails, which has only continued to evolve with the changes in fashion.

The rise of the nail salon really began to take off in the 1990s, as women were happy to pay money to have their nails professionally done and receive pedicures and manicures regularly.

In the last 10 years or so, though, the range of home nail care products has exploded and there seems to be a trend now towards caring for your own nails to make the practice more personalized, safe, and affordable.

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25+ Easily Done Winter and Christmas Nail Art Designs


Let’s face it, at Christmas there are so many things to do so your manicure is often bumped right to the last of the list, if it even gets done at all. We’ve decided to bring you the easy winter and Christmas nail ideas that you can totally recreate at home. And that leaves you with plenty more time to cook turkey, shop for gifts, and find that perfect Christmas day outfit!


On the Autumn Winter catwalks for 2016, short plum nails were a big hit. Not only were they sho
rt, they were rounded too, which many of us would find easier to work with on a daily basis.

If that sounds a little too dull and not very Christmas-like for your liking, add a touch of glitter, just like you can see here. It’s just a little addition, but one that makes the world of difference. And you’ll see be in trend!
Products used: Insta-Dri in Wined Up and China Glaze in Twinkle Lights.

SNOWFLAKE DESIGN/[email protected]

When it comes to easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, you can’t get much more wintery than these cute blue snowflake designs!
Add your snowflakes and you’re basically good to go. Now all you need to do is hope for a white Christmas!You could opt for an ombre-effect across your nails, which we think is a great idea. The thumb could be dark blue, for example, moving to the pinkie finger, each nail getting lighter in shade, until you get to white.
Products used: Isadora Velvet Matte Nails in Moody Blue and Marble.


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20+ Incredible Black Based Nail Art Ideas

20+ Incredible Black Based Nail Art Ideas

On your black based nail you could try some innovations to match the base color as black is definitely one of the most classic and popular colors.

Opting for a black inspired manicure is a classy and chic option when looking to make a fashion statement with your fingers. Black nails can suit just about every outfit and occasion that it is paired with. There are so many designs that you could choose from and incorporate your black themed nails as well. However, you can try some innovations on your black nails with the use of glitters, beads, or some different nail colors to match the base color.

Take a look at this great collection of 25+ elegant black nail art designs and get inspired for your next nail design idea.

Let’s hit the trend now

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