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5 Tips You Should Know About MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

5 Tips You Should Know About MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

Despite several impressive poducts of other brands, this Mac Studio Fix is one of the best pressed powder foundations.

With its particularly velvety, silky texture, It will you a fancy experience of applying and blending. You could try both wet and dry application as usual, the dry one provides light to medium-full coverage. However you may face the risk of cakey with the wet one. It is still great when you are not feeling wearing a lot of makeup and want some light coverage, this product allows your skin to breathe.

If your skin type is noraml and to some degree oily or dry, this product is highly recommended. Despite the shades are in some way repetitive, all of the colors are remarkable for a broad range of skin tones.

It Available in a wide range of colours.

Key Claims and Benefits

  • 8 hours long-wearing,
  • Reduces appearance of zits and pores
  • Controls oil and shine
  • Non-drying
  • For all skin types, especially oily skin
  • Easy appliying
  • Photo-friendly

How to..

Apply to skin using a sponge or desired brush.

Blend with fingers, sponge or brush.


  1. before applying the powder foundation, add some essence and eye cream on your foundation brush and lightly blend it on your face. In this way the brush absorbs the moisturizing ingredients and mix it up with the foundation you apply, which will makes the look much natural.
  2. To make the powder foundation more thin and fits, you need a special flat top brush. MAC has this 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush, and this is what I currently use. It has a flat slanted top which could make the foundation reaches every contour of your face. Unlike the sponge blenders, this brush features the ultra-smooth short bristles which would not absorb most of your foundation. It is the perfect tool for waterweight foundations.
  3. Firstly apply powder evenly on your entire face, then continue to use the same brush to conceal the troublesome spots. Use a normal sponge to press it lightly will lift the conceal and not feeling heavy on your face.
  4. You don’t have to brush the finishing powder all over your face, instead try to apply a small amount only on the oily part of your face.


  • Hot colors for asian: NC20 NC25.
  • If your have light skin, you should try NC15 and NC20.
  • The listed colors are best avoided due to pink, orange, or peach: C6, NC42, NW25, NW30, NW40, and NC40.
  • All shades with NC or C is yellow undertone, which is my choice.
  • NW or W is pink underone.
  • If you have dry skin, it is better to do moisturizing before applying.
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Useful Advices Before You Buy Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Useful Advices Before You Buy Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Take home our Better Than Sex mascara and all your desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes will befulfilled.


This is the very first advertising description for this mascara on too faced website and many top youtubers have shared reviews of it.

The mascara has a water-proof and a normal version and i prefer the normal one. As I hate to remove water-proof mascaras.

It is a good one if you like long eye lashes and it has pretty strong volume which will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

This is my experience for the first three-hour wearing and here are the main things i want to talk about:

  • If you are easy sweating and you don’t care taking more time to remove eye makeup, you should try the water proof one.
  • I personally do not want to use this product outdoors in Summer as it is too hot and I’m easy sweating.
  • As it has a strong volume of 1,944% more, it will lead to tiny blocks on your lashes if you brush too many times.
  • It is a good mascara with natural curly lashes, or else coarse and straight lashes will have little effect.

Mascara Details:

  • Film-forming Polymer for smudge-proof, all day wear
  • Acacia Senegal Tree Extract to nourish, thicken and lock curl in place
  • Unique Peptides for the deepest, intense black possible
  • 1,944% more volume
  • 100% saw longer lashes
  • 100% saw dramatic volume
  • 93% saw base-to-tip curl
  • 8 out of 10 say it’s the best mascara they’ve ever used
  • 3.4 out of 10 say great lashes are better than sex
  • 3.1 out of 10 agree that this mascara is so good, it’s better than sex
  • results observed in a clinical study.
  • results observed in a consumer study.
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Illuminator Review of High Quality Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So Hollywood


About Anastasia Beverly Hills:

ABH is a global famous authority in cosmetics and beauty, I could say that all their latest product are high quality.

In my point of view at first ABH is well-known for its brow products, almost every beauty blogger’s makeup bag has one of them.

Back in 2015 they brought out a set of long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks, which leaded a matte lipstick trend as well.

Their eyeshadow palettes are also good as hell.

Today I am going to talk about their illuminator, I promise you won’t regret if you have ever tried one of it.

ABH Illuminator is very famous around the world for its excellent impression.

Original ABH Illuminator:

It has three different shades on their website:


There is a forth color: Starlight, which i believe is suitable for light pink skins and is essentially colorless.

illuminator colors
illuminator colors

So hollywood is the most popular one, you could hardly buy it on their website as it is always out-of-stock.

Highlight Points:

– silky formula

– esay to apply

– gorgeous color range

– metallic sheen


Starlight and Rivera is richly pigmented and the finish is shiny so it is better for light skins.

So hollywood is definitely the best choice for all skin colors and PeachNector works good for dark skins.

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